August 4, 2015

SG50 Merchandise on Sale!

UPDATE 1st March 2016: we have ceased the production of these SG50 Merchandise with SG50 coming to an end! Thanks for all the support! Links will all be re-directed to their Product Photos!

It has been a very busy July! Juggling multiple tasks and work at hand is always a challenge, but it also means we are never bored of the things we do! Pre-production fo photography shoot is seldom a lengthy affair for us (it is stretching almost two months now). When it does, it sure is going to be an exhilarating and enjoyable day (or two) out freezing loving moments!

However more on that later in the next post. What we are really excited about is finally the launch of our very own SG50 Merchandises! Expanding into the name card pouch we did for ourselves in our own branding promo, we are now specially producing it in two colours, the colours of our state flag, red and white. We shifted the embossing of our logo to the back, so the front is now adorned with the the ever popular SG50 Logo!

In addition to the name card pouches, we are making a few varieties of key chain designs too! Each design is carefully researched, conceptualised and crafted. Colours are similarly chosen in red and white, with possibility of mixing them within the straps or the tags. Loop & Buckle designs has a big and small version, both priced identically, while Fold & Buckle allows one to choose a carabiner or U-shape buckle as the other end.

Shipping is FREE within Singapore! Items will be packed in a nice little craft box properly wrapped and labelled.

While this is the first project we are embarking on producing crafts for sale, it probably will not be the last. From concept to creation, prototyping to finishing, the entire process has been nothing but challenges. But when the craft is done in our hands with our hands, the experience is definitely worthwhile. 100% handcrafted and Made in Singapore is truly a motivation we can be proud of. It is no wonder crafts communities from the USA, for example, are so well-regarded internationally for their high level of workmanship and dedication.

Thanks everyone for supporting this cause as it definitely goes a long way to encouraging more sprouting creations of designs, crafts and media from the local community! And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!

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August 4, 2015

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