November 20, 2015

Chongbin & Sydney Pre-Wedding Photography

Everyone has the perception that couples ought to be always loving, kissing and hugging. However, this is one couple that stay close by irritating each other day in year out. There is love in their mutual annoyance, appreciation in their mutual impassiveness. It is all so true of them if you know them well 🙂


This is a decade of journey, for they have been through Primary and Secondary school together. And by using the school recognisable colours of yellow and blue, they wish to be reminiscing of those days in a celebrative moment of another milestone of their lives.


Growing up, they went through long hours of working days and nights as an accountant and designer respectively. They are always fighting hard for their careers, so to build up their love nest and future.


While the physical attraction between them is unperceivable, the mutual bond is incomprehensible strong. They are by their sides no matter what.


We are so blessed and fortunate to have witnessed the proposal and promises made between them. A decade of journey of their growing up together and becoming Mr and Mrs Feng.


Hope you can enjoy the photos as much as we were involved in the entire process of producing them! You may see other selected photos here in our gallery or see the entire series of the photos here in our Facebook album!

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