June 1, 2016

Wedding Packages Rate Booklet Available NOW

After years of attending wedding and looking at the photos, we always visualise our couple friends to be having more fun interacting in their shots. More importantly, they need to be themselves and look like themselves!

While now Korean/Taiwan seem like sought-after locations, we like the challenges in exploring how this small island where we stand can bring us to creation of photos we can feel refreshed of. We will love to invite you to board on the journey with us; let us explore together! It is our aspiration to tell our couples’ stories in the special and subtlest way we could.

With that, weeks of preparation in need to create rate card to answer to queries is finally done! Pushing it further, we decided to produce more of a rate booklet. Not only is that feel more professional and sturdier than a flimsy leaflet, it also can showcase a few of our beginning works in this genre of photography. Photographs are ALWAYS rendered well in thicker paper!


This booklet contains almost all the wedding packages we are offering in terms of imaging services. Included are information to what couples will be expected to be delivered, i.e Pre-Production mood boards, shot lists, wardrobe consultation, ALL selected soft copies return (we never ever advocate the practise of buying additional photos after shooting, this need to be outlawed. We shall leave this topic to another post it deserves), as well as promotions and discounts.


FREE bit, one 11inch Square Hardcover Photo Book is included free in our full day Pre Wedding packages! Book > Album, we will tell you why in our subsequent series of articles on this comparison.

We too have special rates on large 33×22 inch Archival Canvas Print for couples taken up to our Pre Wedding packages! We will not say it here, but for that price we do not think anyone can get it anywhere for an archival print. Commercial vs Archival canvas printing will also be discussed! So stay tuned!


Ok, this pricing booklet is definitely available for download as a PDF! Do share around with your friends and love ones! The PDF is light in file size for document of 40pp yet maintaining high quality of the images. So they are also shareable on your favourite messaging apps.

And of course, our delight in showing you the printed form of the publication is because you can get hold of one! Hard copies are printed externally with our love and piggy banks, but we are distributing them for free on requests, so we sincerely hope these booklets can serve a great need, purpose and appreciation of the photos to you!

Hurry! Comment here or drop us a message at [email protected] to leave your particulars and mailing address to receive one now! While stocks last till the next batch print!


Wedding Packages Rate Booklet 2016 soft copy

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